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Sunday, July 10, 2005


so happy...just finished maddcap!!!it was my first time performing...on the friday performance,i was so nervous,and my hands were all sweaty...after we performed(on friday),me,wenhui,jiahui and lynn were walking around the track.but halfway lynn went away...then after that,me,jiahui and wenhui started running...then after that jasmine suddenly fall us in...then we had to do 50 star jumps,but in the end,we only did about 15...hahaha:)oh!! and on saturday,my parents and my grandma went for the matinee performance...and they bought me flowers...haha...and after going on stage for the night performance,we were at the track recording stuff...hahaha...very funny!!!then we all singing don't know what banana song... hahaha...oh,and we all bought flowers for each other... :) it was quite an enjoying experience... oh no!!!so late gotta go do my wire sculpture now!!!



Monday, June 13, 2005

what to do???


oh no!!!i don't know what to do!!tmr i have band prac from 8 to 4 .....but at 4.30,i have piano
,so i am afraid i cant make it in time.......???aiya*what to do??anyway,yesterday's
band prac,we had sectionals first,it was ok....then after that,we went out for lunch:)i had fish
and chips....i ate until i was so full,i wanted to vomit(haha...just kidding)then after that
we went back to school....ok,gotta go!!!bye....


Thursday, June 09, 2005

never update my blog...sorry!!!


aiya!!!i never update my blog,so don blame me!hahaha:)oh...anyway,i'm in band...
and i am in the tromebone section.....and now its the holidays!!but sadly,still got band
pracs and sectionals:( you know what?it is not fair!!!lynn does not have sectionals!!
but we got sectionals every week....*sigh*i have nothing to say now!!!



Saturday, March 05, 2005

dear blog,

i just came back from the malacca trip yesterday....it was kinda fun.we went to museums,churches,temples,malls,the dutch and portugese square,and,oh ya!!i almost forgot,we also went to a kampong.and they let us make our own batik!so fun.....and we bought many things there also....hahaha:)anyway,it was fun.....well,thats all,



Tuesday, February 08, 2005

dear blog,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!it is so late now.i am trying to sleep as late as possible.you know,because,the later you sleep on chinese new year eve,the longer your parents will live....
yawn...*so sleepy...you know what?the latest time i slept during chinese new year,was about *2am.it was about a few years ago.i am trying to set a new record this year.hahaa...well,thats all.see ya......



Thursday, January 27, 2005

dear blog,

today i stayed back in school until 7pm.it was because of band orientation.it was quite fun,accept for the part when we learnt to march.actually,it was also quite fun,but then it is very strict.it was really fun today.and today,i finished doing my sewing because eunice help me do.hahahhaha:)*well,thats all,



Thursday, December 30, 2004

dear blog,

yesterday,we all went to my second uncle's new house.it was so big.actually,it's long.but it was so nice.after that,we went downstairs.da jie,e jie,ling,yuan,and shu yong went swimming.i did not b'cause my ankle was pain.anyway,they only swam for awhile.we had a barbecue after that.i ate until i was so full,i could not stand up staight.hehe....(:well,thats all,




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